I found this to be an incredibly rewarding experience – Lily Harrison, Dentons UK and Middle East LLP Dentons

by | Mar 1, 2020 | News, Volunteer Story

Lily Harrison of Dentons is a Paralegal in the Property Litigation department and a Future-Trainee solicitor, due to commence a Training Contract in 2021.  Lily has been at the firm in her current role since April 2018.

“I became aware of the Career WorkOut sessions at work as it is something a number of colleagues are involved in and which the firm heavily promotes. Upon learning about it, I was keen to participate in a session as it seemed like a great opportunity to go into local Schools and have conversations I wish I could have had with professionals when I was in Secondary School considering my career path”.

“I went to Shenley Brook End School – this was a choice close to my heart as that was the Secondary School I went to so I was very keen to go back and speak to students who are going through a very important stage in their life”.

“My Career WorkOut session involved talking about my role, how I have got to where I currently am, what subjects I took for GCSE, A-Level and electives I chose at University. I also talked about the realities of the profession – the different areas of law to study and practice, the challenges but also the rewards”.

“I found this to be an incredibly rewarding experience as it is definitely something I would have benefited from when I was in secondary School”.

“Young people are at a very important stage in their life where they require as much information as possible to assist them in making crucial decisions in their life. To assist them with this, they need access to as many people working within different professions as possible. It is not enough to read about the profession online, they need to be having real conversations with those who have experienced different jobs and professions and not reading an edited script which can glamorise the profession”.

“My journey to where I am has not been a smooth upward trajectory. I have been hit with many obstacles along the way but I didn’t let that stop me, I let it fuel me and I was very keen to emphasise this to the students I spoke to. I didn’t go to Oxford, Cambridge or a Russel Group University despite getting accepted into one. Life unfortunately got in the way and instead of letting it define me, I went to Nottingham Trent University (still a great University by the way!) and worked hard! Today, I work and will train at the largest law firm in the world with a remarkable reputation”.

“I was keen to share that professionals in my career don’t follow the same path and that is actually okay!  You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to work hard, be passionate and ambitious – that will guide you through”.

“Sometimes I get so lost in my job due to how challenging it is, I forget to look back and reflect on my journey and how far I have come. Participating in the Career WorkOut session enabled me to do that, it was not only great for the students but for me too.  The experience encouraged me to get involved with more opportunities like this”.

“Before I left the session, a number of students thanked me for my honesty, said I gave them a lot to think about and inspired them. That was the best compliment I have received – knowing I had made an impact on someone’s life”.

“The potential of inspiring someone is enough for me to participate in these sessions again and should be a good reason for anyone else to participate too. You never know the impact your journey/story may have on someone”.

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