I want to give young people a wider view of the Construction industry – Tracy Cousins, NHBC

by | Jun 8, 2023 | News, Volunteer Story

Tracy Cousins is a Building Inspector at NHBC (National House Building Council) and has taken part in many Virtual Career WorkOut sessions talking about her role as a Building Inspector within the Construction sector.

“I wanted to give the students a wider view of career opportunities.  The construction industry needs to be more inclusive and if by attending one session, one student thinks I did not know that career existed and I want to find out more, then it was worth doing.  Even more so if it was a student who believes they are limited in career options due to circumstances.

“Personal experience and coming from a socially poor area, I wish this was something I had had access to many years ago.

“Taking part in these sessions makes me feel like I have a chance to help someone find a positive career goal they had not thought of. I note a lot of young people and adults do not know building inspectors/ planning officers etc exist as a career choice.  The sessions always give a feel good factor.

“The reason why I would encourage others in my organisation to take part is to encourage the next generation into the industry. To demonstrate the variety of roles, personalities and pathways open to achieving a career in construction. Plus, the feel good factor they would get from setting that student on a new exciting career path”.

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