ICAEW pledges 50 hours to Career WorkOut next academic year

by | Mar 29, 2019 | News

ICAEW pledges 50 hours to Career WorkOut next academic year

by | Mar 29, 2019 | News

Worktree are very thankful to ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) who have pledged 50 hours to Career WorkOut next academic year. Read more to find out about Kelsey Stewart’s involvement with Worktree.

Kelsey Stewart is a Project Co-ordinator at ICAEW (Institute for Chartered Accountants England & Wales). Kelsey has been in post for just over two years and started as an Apprentice.

“Staff at ICAEW receive one sustainability day a year. The day can be taken as an individual or in a group. It can be used for things such as volunteering in the community, helping with a charity project or giving pro-bono advice to a charitable organisation. I help staff to find sustainability day opportunities and make the most of their allowance”.

“ICAEW has been working with Worktree since December 2018 and it has been a really popular sustainability day. It’s great as it’s such a flexible option for us. Our sustainability day allowance refreshes on Monday 1 April so it’s the perfect time to make the pledge. Ultimately, I’m hoping it will encourage more staff to volunteer with Worktree”.

“I loved attending the Career WorkOut I did at Oakgrove School! I was a bit nervous at first but the students had good questions and weren’t afraid to get involved. I left School five years ago and we never had anything like this. I know it’s something I would really have appreciated in School”.

“It felt great to be able to contribute to the session and share my Apprenticeship experience! I’ve found Apprenticeships aren’t always discussed in Schools so I loved being able to give students an insight into what it’s like. When I got back to work I felt really motivated, one to get people volunteering with Worktree and secondly to access my own goals and where I want to go with my career! I forgot how scary and confusing it can be for students but in the end it works out and you’ve got to keep working hard for what you want”.

To pledge hours to Career WorkOut like ICAEW please contact Bhupinder Roda at bhupinder.roda@worktree2.prominenthosting.com

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