If you are considering volunteering 40 mins of your time to a virtual Career WorkOut session, just go for it! – Kaseya Chisala, Network Rail

by | Jan 24, 2022 | News

Kaseya Chisala has been a Graduate Project Manager for Network Rail since September 2021 and before that studied Chemical Engineering at university.   Kaseya took part in her first virtual Career WorkOut session with Year 7 students at St Paul’s School.  Read on to find out more about her experience.

“As a graduate we are encouraged to take part in STEM activities, so I reached out to people within the organisation that could connect me to early engagement events. Luckily, Steve Moffat (one of the people I contacted) had received an invite from Worktree that very day and suggested I volunteer my time at a virtual Career WorkOut session”.

“I thought the virtual session was great! I had the opportunity talk to year 7s and they had some great questions not only for me but the other volunteers there. What I liked the most about the session was that it didn’t require any preparation and it was very easy to fit into my working day”.

“I came away from the session feeling proud of the work I carry out and with the realisation of how I can use my work to impact young people. Since the session I have taken on board some of the curiosity exhibited by the year 7s I spoke to and have found that this is benefiting me in my own work”.

“I would recommend volunteering at a virtual Career WorkOut session or any stem event as it is a great chance for you to showcase (and hopefully inspire) young people into your sector. As a graduate or young person entering the world of work you may feel like you don’t have much to contribute, however, it is an opportunity for you to reflect on the decisions you have made that have led you to where you are.  Plus, you can learn from others who have also volunteered their time at the sessions and the young people themselves as they ask and/or answer thought-provoking questions about careers”.

“I don’t have any other comments other than to reiterate that if you are considering volunteering 40 mins of your time to a virtual Career WorkOut session – just go for it!”.

To find out more or sign up to a session like Kaseya please visit – https://worktree.org/events/

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