Career WorkOut 2015-16



Between September 2015 and July 2016, more than 4,000 students aged 11-18 participated in 86 Career WorkOut sessions and 3,517 completed pre- and post-session questionnaires which showed:

  • 18.6% overall increase in “I am confident making choices about my future work options”
  • 15.1% overall increase in “I have the employability skills I need to do well in work”
  • 22.7% overall increase in “I am confident talking to adults I don’t know”
  • 7.1% overall increase in “I respect others in my community”
  • 7.7% overall increase in “I am committed to learning and want to achieve”.

Work guests

From September 2015 to July 2016, 453 volunteer work guests from 246 companies made a total of 1,070 guest appearances and completed 698 post-session questionnaires showing:

  • 99.4% agreed “I enjoyed the session”, of which 78.9% strongly agreed
  • 97.7% agreed “I felt valued”, of which 63.0% strongly agreed
  • 95.4% agreed “I now feel more positive about my work”, of which 45.0% strongly agreed.

See volunteer heroes.


One head teacher, Tony Nelson of The Hazeley Academy, wrote: “”Feedback from our students and staff strongly suggest that Work tree’s Career WorkOut has had a dramatic positive impact on student aspirations, personal vision and drive. In over two decades in education I have not come across a more effective programme for achieving these goals across such a wide range of students for so minimal investment in terms of time and money.”

Robin Green, Deputy Headteacher of Oakgrove School, said:  “Parents have picked up on the value of the Career WorkOut sessions we’ve run for all students this year.  Our recent parental survey results have just come in and there has been a significant increase in parents’ rating of careers advice – up 7% on last year’s survey.”See news stories for quotes from participants.
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