Inspiring young people by providing a real example of work – Meredith Cade-Westcombe, Xero

by | Mar 11, 2021 | News, Volunteer Story

Worktree welcomes Xero, a cloud accounting software business, as the latest local company to join its Virtual Career WorkOut program.  Early in March Meredith Cade-Westcombe, a Customer Experience Team Leader (Banking & Security) for Xero since 2015, took part in a Virtual Career WorkOut answering students’ questions about her job and career journey on MS Teams. 

“We’ve been looking for an opportunity to give back to the community, particularly whilst we continue to face restrictions with the current pandemic,” she said. “My own passion is around developing people and being able to help shape our future generations is such an amazing opportunity, one that for those of us who maybe didn’t get the chance and could have benefited from, being in a privileged position to be able to support is hugely rewarding.

“The Virtual Career WorkOut session made me feel a sense of how much our young people need these types of sessions; the connections, experience, and to receive real, honest answers. I felt I was able to contribute to the way young people may think about their approach to their chosen career and offer a different perspective.

“Returning to my normal work day I honestly just wanted to encourage absolutely every single person to get involved. To have the opportunity to try to make a positive impact on a young person’s future.

“It’s so important for Xero to be part of this program, not just for us to be able to support the mission that Worktree has, which is one we really connect with, but we have a large team of incredibly talented individuals, across a huge variety of roles, who really want to make a difference and try to encourage and inspire our future generations by providing real examples, guidance and advice.

“As the Worktree website says, ‘It’s easy, rewarding and fun!’ Simply put, young people really need these experiences, and if you’re in a fortunate enough position to do so, then we can, and absolutely should, do more to give back”. 

Worktree would like to thank Meredith for her commitment to help us in supporting young people in their journey to their work future.  To find out more about Worktree and how to get involved, visit

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