It helps me remember the joys and pains of being young – Nirasha Ramlugan, Just Simply Change Ltd

by | Nov 17, 2022 | News, Volunteer Story

Nirasha Ramlugan is an Integrative & Natural Transformational Therapist, Author, Speaker, Health & Wellbeing Quantum Coach.  Recently she volunteered with Worktree.

“Being an ex-teacher I love connecting with children of all ages, inspiring them to walk each day one step closer to the best version of themselves. I also want to share my passion with others so that they could be motivated to plan for their future.

“It was whilst being a school teacher, I developed my passion to become a therapist. In my practice today I use clinical hypnotherapy, Rapid transformational therapy and quantum science to heal the body and mind. parents and young people) and a children’s illustrated book called Did you Flip your Lid?

“When I volunteered with Worktree at Kents Hill Park Primary School, I loved talking about the work I do and answering some very intelligent questions from the students.

“I am in my element when I am interacting with children and young people. It helps me remember the joys and pains of being young. Also because I have two children, 25 and 23, I enjoy conversing using the experience of being a mum.

“Volunteering with Worktree is a great opportunity to give back to young people. A brilliant platform to motivate and inspire.”

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