Oakgrove School leading on Career WorkOut 50 vision

Oakgrove School promotes to all its students and parents the Career WorkOut vision:  every student meets and interviews eight different workers every year (a total of  50 before leaving school).  Since September 2015, all Oakgrove students aged 11-18 have attended one Career WorkOut session, meeting 7-8 work guests, each year.

Oakgrove School has been promoting to parents and students the ‘Career WorkOut 50’ vision: every student aged 11-18 meets and interviews 7-8 different workers before leaving school, so 50 in total, in a one-hour Career WorkOut session.

The numbers are remarkable.  Last year alone, 1,449 students met and interviewed 209 work guests from 77 companies. And student feedback has been extremely positive.

One Year 12 students said: “If it wasn’t for Career WorkOut, I wouldn’t have seen the work opportunities you could get from doing Maths.”

A Year 11 student said: “When you make big decisions, like picking our A-level options, I was thinking I may be in trouble if I don’t know yet, but when you hear them say that you’re going to be ok, you relax a bit more. When you’re stressed you don’t think clearly.”

A Year 8 student said: “Career WorkOut doesn’t only help you know about jobs, it helps you interacting with other people, to know what skills you need to be a good employee.”

Headteacher Ian Tett said: “Career WorkOut 50 has been brilliant for us. We have had so many compliments from visitors about the students and school.”

Worktree’s Tom Bulman said: “It’s great to have Oakgrove leading the way in MK. Several other schools provide Career WorkOut sessions for most of their students. Our goal is to persuade every MK school that providing annual Career WorkOut sessions for all students is the lowest cost and highest impact way of delivering the employer encounters now required of all schools.”

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