Three members of the Open Media and Informal Learning team at The Open University took part in Career WorkOut at Shenley Brook End School this month.

Sas Amoah is a Digital Media Producer and has been with the Open University for 13 years.

“It was a really great opportunity to speak to young people and get a sense of their ideas and aspirations. A very rewarding and worthwhile use of time, so I’ve encouraged friends, family and colleagues to sign themselves up”.

Claudia Torres Fernández is an Assistant Producer and has been at the Open University for 1 year and 3 months.

“It’s nice to see the students because it reminds me of how I was back then. I hope we make some difference in helping them find their paths and achieve their goals.  It would have been a great help for us when we were young to have this experience and now that we can get involved, we should do our bit, providing them with some guidance too”.

Marcus Young is an Assistant Producer and has worked for the Open University for 3 years.

“It was a good and fun experience to speak with the young people by answering their questions and having conversations with them. It made me feel the importance of engaging with young people.  I really enjoyed it and can help break any misconceptions of what working at the OU is like, and also what young people are like”.