Ousedale students enter Dentons Den

by | Oct 8, 2022 | News

Ousedale students enter Dentons Den

by | Oct 8, 2022 | News

14 Year 13 students from Ousedale School visited the offices of Dentons solicitors in Central Milton Keynes for a day of employability training.  After identifying their personal strengths and undertaking mock interviews, they met and interviewed nine members of Dentons staff, including two Partners, then prepared to fill in application forms for two two-day work experience placements.

In a post-event survey,  13 of the 14 students strongly agreed they had enjoyed the session and all 14 agreed the session had helped them to understand what skills employers want and develop their own employability skills.

“It was educational and fun,” said one student.  “There was nothing I disliked about the day.  Every moment was a crucial experience.  It helped me understand what industry I am passionate about and underlined the importance of a good personal statement.”

“It was a brilliant day,” said the Donna Montague, Careers Manager at Ousedale School.

“I found the morning very rewarding,” said Olivia Gerard-Pearse, a Dentons trainee.  “It was really nice to reflect on my legal journey and the first 6 weeks of my TC, which is not something I have really had time to do properly yet! The students were all friendly, engaged and polite. They took a real interest in Dentons, the work I do for PRM and me as a person.”

Emma Havens of Dentons, who organised the event, said:  “From what I saw the students had a really intense, fulfilling day, completely different to a day at school, engaging in mock interviews, job applications and career workouts.  It was a fun, engaging and educational experience.”


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