Pilot SENDCareers Day hosted by Network Rail

by | Mar 18, 2019 | News

Young people and their families attended MK’s first Careers Day for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), hosted by Network Rail. The event was funded by MK Community Foundation and organised jointly by Anita Devi Ltd (#TeamADL) and Worktree.

11 volunteer work guests from different work backgrounds attended and answered young people’s questions in small-scale ‘Career WorkOut’ carousels. The young people also played Worktree’s ‘World of Work card games with guests to discuss and prioritise their career interests (pictured).

One young person said: “I liked the simple idea of this session. These are people who want to help and it’s just introducing them to yourself and others.” Another said: “It was good to find out the different qualifications I need for a job that I am focused on.”

In post-session evaluation, the young people scored an aggregate 9 out of 10 for ‘I have a good idea of different jobs I could do’, 8.5 out of 10 for ‘I know what skills an employer will expect of me’ and 6 out of 10 for ‘I know what job I want in future.’

A volunteer work guest said: “I liked the open sharing ethos…the willingness of both volunteers and students to be helpful and encouraging in all encounters.” Another said: “I liked the initial presentation (on how parents can help their SEND young person with careers), it was very impressive, and it was good to meet young people with focused goals.”

One of Network Rail’s HR graduate volunteers said: “Fantastic Saturday volunteering at the Quadrant with the team from Worktree and SENDcareers supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities to realise their full potential. From the day, we have recognised the pivotal responsibility both organisations and in particular, the role HR has to play in making opportunities more accessible into the workplace.”

Another volunteer said: “It got me thinking about my own job…am I in the right job?!”

In post-session evaluation, all the guests agreed “I now feel more positive about my work” (60% strongly agreed with this statement).

About organising future similar events, Anita Devi said: “Many discussions are being followed up. Network Rail are keen to work with us again. #TeamADL is following a variety options to expand the #SENDcareers.”

Video links: Foster Carer https://twitter.com/AnneMGoldsmith/status/1104441315528454144

Video Link: Parent https://twitter.com/SEND_Leaders/status/1104472659826524160Trustpilot https://trstp.lt/iX9D1S

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