Police Officer because of Worktree

by | Feb 15, 2023 | News, Volunteer Story

Police Officer because of Worktree

by | Feb 15, 2023 | News, Volunteer Story

PC 7823 Nazia Hussain of Bletchley Neighbourhood Team, Thames Valley Police, didn’t know what job she wanted before she was 14.  Then something happened.

Her school, The Radcliffe School in Wolverton, took part in ‘Equal Choices’, an employability visit programme organised by Worktree (formerly Countec).  This involved spending a day with the Police, listening, solving problems, teamwork.

“It was nearly all boys who were signing up to go on the Police visit,” recalls Naz, “and I thought, hold on, I can do this.

“I went along and the rest is history.  I realised I wanted to serve as a police officer and now that’s what I do.  I love my work, especially the listening, problem solving and teamwork.  Now we’re working out of the Blue Light Hub near the stadium, I get to work more closely with the fire and ambulance services, which makes the job even more interesting and fulfilling.”

“It’s great to be working in this way,” said Charlie Turner, Fire Station Commander at the Blue Light Hub.  “It’s great to be working alongside Naz and all the police and ambulance staff.  We’re proud of the new efficiency we’re delivering and we’re always interested to hear from young people who are interested to join the emergency services.”

Pictured above, Naz Hussain receives from Worktree Chair Alan Bullen a Corporate Volunteering Award (27 sessions) on behalf of Thames Valley Police.

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