Find Your Job Cards


A new learning resource to help students find out their likes and strengths and link them to related career paths.

Great way to start a conversation about careers. Work out your key strengths to find out which job sector suits you. A fun and informative card game suitable for all ages – can be used solo or with parents, career advisors or class groups.

The pack includes:

  • 1 deck of Likes & Strengths cards for identifying preferred work activities
  • 1 deck of Jobs Cards for finding out facts about different jobs in a trumps-game format, backed by Question Cards for conversations with real workers

Coated with anti-bacterial laminate, the cards are easy to wipe clean.

Can be used as a stand-alone activity or with our recommended Find your Job in an hour! group session and/or Find Your Job in 25 Conversations guidebook.

The set comes in a slim, A5-sized box – easy to carry and store.


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