Employability Now guidebook

Funded by South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership and the British Council, ‘Employability Now’ is a series of innovative activity-based learning sessions to help teachers and trainers prepare young people for work. This clear and practical guide will get young people thinking and talking positively about their work futures, especially what kind of work they will be good at and enjoy. Proven engaging for a wide range of learners, as shown in the case studies from UK and overseas, the sessions require minimal additional resources, are easily adaptable, and can be delivered as a structured 20-30 hour course or as one-off lessons.

The activities are meant to be universally relevant and applicable, helpful to teachers and trainers wherever they are in the world – from school teachers of English or citizenship in the UK to vocational trainers of electrical engineering or sewing machine operation in India.

The activities are grouped in chapters relating to four stages of a learner’s employability journey – Engage Me, Employ Me, Enterprise Me and Entrepreneur Me – each with five sessions of 60-90 minutes (see Contents).  These can be delivered in sequence as one-day workshops or weekly sessions over five weeks or simply as one-off sessions.

Chapter 1 describes the problems of unemployment and under-employment, the factors of employability and the core activities of Employability Now training which increase the individual factors.

Chapter 2 explains how to facilitate the process of planning, delivering and evaluating the activities. It also describes a process of training teachers and trainers to deliver the activities effectively (with an option of quality assurance through Worktree certification).

Chapter 3 contains a collection of Warm Up activities to help learners get to know and build trust with the teacher/trainer and one another. These are mostly physical and collaborative games, useful for raising the energy of a group at any time. Some Warm Up activities are recommended for particular sessions in Chapters 4 to 7.

Chapters 4 to 7 each describe the five sessions for one stage of the journey. These are the sequences we use at Worktree, so others may choose to use them in the same way, including handouts that can be photocopied for learners (see sample Chapter 4.1 ‘See Work‘).

Chapter 8 concludes with a series of case studies about the experiences of learners, facilitators and guests in different learning environments in the UK and other countries. They show that Employability Now training sessions can be delivered effectively to a wide variety of learners – different ages, backgrounds and abilities – and in different ways according to the stages of the learners and circumstances of the host institution.

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