Employ Me

Employ Me is a series of five sessions, normally delivered in a one-day workshop, to select and demonstrate employability skills.  It helps learners to practise presenting their personal employability strengths through a simulated process of job application and interview.

Learners will become familiar with the process of securing employment or work placement:

  • identify a job they would like, create a bullet-point job description and person specification
  • articulate their employability strengths in speed-interviews with peers
  • interview real employees about their experience of getting jobs
  • write a 15-minute job application and take part in a short-listing panel
  • interview on and/or be interviewed by the panel.

Learners will:

  • determine which employability skills they most need to demonstrate
  • speak about their own employability strengths
  • think like an employer, seeing things from the short-lister and interviewer’s perspectives.

Employ Me can be adapted to meet the needs of specific groups of young people.  See short video of Employ Me in action at St. Paul’s Catholic School in Milton Keynes.  See case study and click here to see it in action in Uganda.

Young people will complete the training with the conviction that they can succeed at work and a Worktree certificate outlining the skills they have demonstrated.

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