Enterprise Me

Enterprise Me is an intensive five-hour training to help young people develop a good understanding of themselves as workers, whether students or employees, through a series of open interactions with others including guest employees.

Learners will experience:

  • drafting their own Job Description for a current role (as student or employee)
  • getting feedback on their own performance through experience of Appraisal
  • draft a Personal Mission Statement outlining what they are good at, what they like doing and what kind of environment they want to work in
  • draft a Personal Action Plan identifying three important personal goals with associated risks, control measures and individuals to help them achieve their goals.

Participants will experience:

  • Serving their current role
  • Checking their performance
  • Organise Mentors
  • Personalising their mission
  • Executing a plan.

Enterprise Me is normally delivered in one day but is adaptable to meet the needs of specific groups of young people.  Young people will complete the training with the conviction that they can succeed at work and will receive a Worktree certificate outlining the skills they have demonstrated.

See case study.

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