“Share your stories with these brilliant, bright, enthusiastic young people” – Jon Manning, Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support

Jon Manning is the founder of Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support which has been going for a year so far.  Jon took part in a Career WorkOut for the first time earlier this week.  Read on to hear about Jon’s experience.

“My journey at school wasn’t easy, I have a mental health condition which had its complications growing up so being able to speak to young people about the work we are now doing is the main driver for me personally. Worktree helps to provide a platform to help young people understand that they can succeed no matter what avenue they choose to go down.   This is regardless of whether or not they suffer with any afflictions and gives them some tips along the way relating to the world of work”.

“I also really wanted to see how Worktree carries out the session.  The logistics of co-ordinating all the students and even the adults can’t be easy but they did it brilliantly well”!

“We are also developing a programme for children with mental health issues so I wanted to get to know more about what Worktree do as an option of working together in the future, supporting the children and families we will be helping”.

“This session made me feel really positive, we can learn a lot from young people.  Listening to what they might want to do when they are older, not one child said they want to earn huge amounts of money, be famous or rule the world. All of them either wanted to chase their passions or help people.  As adults, we can and, I think, need to learn from this”.

“Setting up a non-profit company is extremely challenging, sometimes you want to give up but doing the Career WorkOut inspired me. Seeing the children we will be helping in the future really helped bring back to importance of the work that is being done with children and young people not just in Milton Keynes but across the country. I would certainly recommend anyone in Milton Keynes to give it a go, share your stories with these brilliant, bright, enthusiastic young people”.

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