Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sessions are funded by business sponsors and schools.  As a non-profit, we couldn’t do it without the sponsorship.  As demand from schools grows, we need more sponsors to ensure we can keep the costs low for them.

When you sponsor Worktree sessions, students encounter your organisation in an interactive and engaging way. We work closely with our sponsors to make sure that sponsored sessions benefit both students and sponsors.


Virtual Career Workout

Tell your brand story to 1000s of students, teachers & workers.

When you sponsor Worktree, your sponsorship money goes directly towards helping young people to work out their future.

You also get a unique opportunity to communicate your brand to a demographic that can be tricky to target.

Our current sponsors.

You can’t be what you can’t see.

Worktree’s Virtual Career WorkOut sessions help school students make good career decisions by connecting them with inspiring workers from diverse job roles & backgrounds.

Through live video sessions with classrooms across the UK, we facilitate real conversations between students & workers. Students discover how these professionals got to where they are and what it is like to do what they do.

Virtual Career Workout

Raise Your Brand Recognition

Your logo on 10,000+ email and 5,000+ website impressions annually, plus Worktree events & networking exposure.

Boost Confidence & Communication

40min exposure to other companies & students when your staff volunteer for a Virtual Career WorkOut – as often as you like.

Forge Real Links with Schools

We can connect you to school staff through our events in secondary and primary schools, nationally and locally.

Talk to Your Future Audience

Communicate with an ever-growing number of students aged 9-18. Your future customers & potential recruits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Demonstrate to your staff and customers that your organisation actively supports community initiatives.

Our Reach

Contacts from 1000 companies

Network of volunteers

Schools across the UK

Students per year

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