St Paul’s School students celebrate International Women in Engineering Day with UCC Coffee

by | Jun 30, 2023 | News, Volunteer Story

International Women in Engineering Day was celebrated this year on the 23rd of June 2023 to honour women in the field of engineering. The day focuses on career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry.

UCC Coffee (Head Office is located in MK) provided four female colleagues to take part in a Virtual Career WorkOut session facilitated by Worktree facilitator Michelle Theuma.  A group of Year 10 students interested in the field of engineering took part to find out more about engineering roles within UCC.  This was a great way of students asking very specific questions about engineering roles and the routes taken to enter this sector.

Those who took part from UCC Coffee were:

Vicki Booth – Service Manager

Marguerite Dennison – Health & Safety Advisor

Molly Dunstan – Engineering Technician

Elizabeth Brant – Trainee Engineer (T-Level student)

Cheryl Lamin, Learning & Development Manager at UCC Coffee said “It was a great opportunity to interact with one of our local schools, giving them an insight into what working life is really like.   The questions from students were great, very relevant and really made our employees think before giving their answers.   As a business it’s important that we are giving our time to take part in some of these sessions, as we may well be talking to a potential employee of the future.”

A student commented “It was nice to find out you all work in a positive working environment where females in engineering roles are equal to all other colleagues”.

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