Steve Hutchings, WHIreland Wealth Management – “Everything you buy from Amazon will earn a donation to Worktree”

by | Jul 30, 2019 | News, Volunteer Story

Steve Hutchings is Head of Business Development at WHIreland Wealth Management, having moved from Coutts in March 2017.  He is a regular volunteer at Worktree’s Career WorkOut sessions, especially at The Hazeley Academy, near where he lives.  He says:

“There are many reasons I started volunteering for Worktree.  I wanted to help students get advice and help on the world of work that I never had when I was younger.

“Most of the students get really engaged and are genuinely interested in how you end up doing something very different to what would have been your dream job. It also helps you realise things yourself and actually invigorates you on returning to work.

“Each session is only typically one hour – and that hour can make a huge difference to young people as well as your own self esteem.

“Worktree, like any other charity, needs to raise funds to keep doing its fantastic work with our local schools. Until recently, I wasn’t aware that you could ask Amazon to donate to Worktree based on what you buy from them. If you log in to you can select Worktree as your charity, and then everything you buy from Amazon will earn a donation to Worktree, without you even trying! The more people that do this, the more Worktree will benefit.

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