Teacher Testimonials

Margaret Sweeney, St Paul’s School

It is great to see the interaction between the pupils and employers. The pupils are learning valuable life skills in communication by the questions they ask and listening to the answers given. Even shaking hands and introducing themselves will help their social skills and give them ideas of what jobs they may like to do in the future.

Margaret Sweeney
St Paul's School

Matt Mason, Walton High

The feedback from the students and staff from the day has been fantastic again, so thank you for all your hard work and effort. I had virtually all new staff today, 18 on the day who hadn’t experienced Worktree before and they were really impressed with your session. I think the pupils engaged incredibly well today and gained an awful lot from the sessions too.

Matt Mason
Walton High

Karen Malone, Stantonbury International School

The range and number of guests participating was very pleasing. I found the event to be well organised and managed by Worktree, students were participating and behaviour was good.

Karen Malone
Stantonbury International School

Chrisann Meij, Walton High (Brooklands Campus)

This gives students the opportunity to chat to members of the public in an informal setting. They develop the skills of communication to unknown adults, personal presentation, e.g. handshakes and eye contact, and question styles.

Chrisann Meij
Walton High (Brooklands Campus)

Kerry Clifford, The Bridge Academy

I liked how the volunteer guests treated our students with complete respect and as adults. It was well run and fast moving so our students remained interested. I was apprehensive about the session as I didn’t think our students would engage well but they did and it was really fantastic – the best careers session we have had.

Kerry Clifford
The Bridge Academy

Mr Troughton, Oakgrove School

The students were genuinely engaged throughout the session and demonstrated excellent levels of maturity and interest. I saw them develop and grow to young adulthood before my eyes!

Mr Troughton
Oakgrove School

Robin Green, Oakgrove School

Parents have picked up on the value of the Career WorkOut sessions we’ve run for all students this year. Our recent parental survey results have just come in and there has been a significant increase in parents’ rating of careers advice – up 7% on last year’s survey.

Robin Green
Oakgrove School

Ian Tett, Oakgrove School

Can I just say how brilliant Career Workout has been and we have had so many compliments from visitors about the students and school.

Ian Tett
Oakgrove School

Tony Nelson, The Hazeley Academy

Feedback from our students and staff strongly suggest that Worktree’s Career WorkOut sessions have had a dramatic positive impact on student aspirations, personal vision and drive. In over two decades in education I have not come across a more effective programme for achieving these goals across such a wide range of students for so minimal investment in terms of time and money.

Tony Nelson
The Hazeley Academy

Danica Chase, Lord Grey School

The participation of the students was remarkable.

Danica Chase
Lord Grey School

Michael Manley, St. Paul’s School

What Worktree does for our pupils is fundamental in supporting our aims for them.

Michael Manley
St. Paul's School

Sue Rickson, St. Paul’s Catholic School

Worktree’s employability training has been a huge success.

Sue Rickson
St. Paul's Catholic School

Paul Winter, St. Paul’s Catholic School

Nearly all the students have had very positive feedback from their employers. We believe it was Worktree’s employability training that made the difference.

Paul Winter
St. Paul's Catholic School

Jon Burgess, Leon School

The WorkOut guests gave the same, consistent message about work and inspired our students.

Jon Burgess
Leon School

Paul Winter, St. Paul’s RC School

Thanks to Worktree our Careers and Work Experience arrangements were described by OFSTED as exceptional. Thank you!

Paul Winter
St. Paul's RC School

Ruth Hemingway, Brooksward

A very well organised and planned session – just the right amount of time for our pupils too.

Ruth Hemingway

Michelle Jessop, Giffard Park School

The session was interesting, enjoyable and useful.

Michelle Jessop
Giffard Park School

Caroline Lewis, Drayton Park School

The event broadened the thinking of many of our pupils and hopefully raised aspirations…also helped them practise their questioning, speaking and listening skills.

Caroline Lewis
Drayton Park School

Caroline Lewis, Drayton Park School

I believe Primary WorkOut has broadened the thinking of many of our pupils and hopefully raised aspirations in addition to providing a great opportunity for them to practise their questioning, speaking and listening skills.

Caroline Lewis
Drayton Park School

Kay Odedra, Bushfield Middle School

It was good for the pupils to be treated like an adult with respect.

Kay Odedra
Bushfield Middle School

David Harper, Heronsgate Primary School

Primary WorkOut showed our Year 5-6 pupils the breadth of occupations in Milton Keynes and you get more from work than just paying for your basic needs.

David Harper
Heronsgate Primary School

Nikkie Pickering, Oxley Park School

Primary WorkOut was a great opportunity for our pupils and teachers to ask questions and get feedback from the people who really do the work!

Nikkie Pickering
Oxley Park School

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