Stuart Goldwater & Jessica Compton – PragmatiQ Solutions – An opportunity to give something back to the community

Stuart and Jessica of PragmatiQ Solutions are volunteers for the Career WorkOut programme. Read on to find out more about their experiences.

Stuart Goldwater – Co-Founder and Managing Director (pictured left)

“I am Co-Founder and Managing Director of PragmatiQ Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, specialising in implementing & designing bespoke CRM systems. Myself and my business partner started the company in November 2017, as we feel passionate about being able to help businesses save and make money, as well as delivering and adding value”.

“I got involved with Worktree as I wanted to give back to the community. I think events like these are great opportunities for young people to understand what options are out there and I wish things like this were about when I was at School”!

“I have attended a number of Career WorkOuts but my most recent was at Oakgrove School with Year 10 students. Volunteers take a seat in the middle of the room and groups of students move round and ask questions. There is always a good variety of questions, from how you got to where you are now to time management. The session leader often prompts the students with different topics, but as teenagers, most of them are quite chatty anyway”!

“I’m in a lucky position to run my own company and very much enjoy what I do, so if I have left the session having inspired one young person, then I have done my job”.

“Attending a Career WorkOut is a great opportunity to share your own experiences and knowledge with young people who are at an important stage in their life, venturing into the world of work for the first time. It’s an hour out of your time to give something back to community and you feel great after”.

Jessica Compton – Marketing Co-ordinator (pictured right)

“I am the Marketing Co-ordinator at PragmatiQ Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner. I have been there for just over a year now, after completing an internship with the company after my first year at University”.

“I wanted to get involved with a Career WorkOut as I think it is a great opportunity for students and something I wish was available when I was at School. Also, as a University student and having not left school too many years ago, I thought I would be quite relatable to the students”.

“The Career WorkOut reminded me of what a daunting period it is, sitting your exams and thinking about your future career. The one thing that I noticed was a lot of the young people’s concern’s with being expected to know what job they want to do forever, so it was great to share my own experience and the path I have taken, providing some reassurance and offering some advice”.

“It was a great opportunity to share my experiences and talk to the students about your own journey and hopefully inspire someone. If you help even one student in the room, it is worth an hour of your time”!

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