Successful ‘WorkOut My GCSEs’ pilot at Oakgrove

by | Mar 19, 2018 | News

A pilot project at Oakgrove School, to help under-achieving Year 11 students increase their motivation for upcoming GCSE exams, has been successful.  Attending five one-hour Career WorkOut sessions, 15 students had 380 conversations with 31 different work guests, and experienced the following outcomes:

  • 35% increase in ‘My plans for what I do in Year 12 are clear’
  • 19% increase in ‘I am confident I will get a job I enjoy and do well’
  • 15% increase in ‘I am motivated to do well in my GCSEs’.

The ‘WorkOut My GCSEs’ project included two one-to-one coaching sessions with Worktree staff.  At the end of the five-week course, 13 of the 15 students have a plan for Year 12 destination:  8 to attend College, 2 to attend school sixth form and 3 for an apprenticeship.

One student, Atlanta Evans, wrote:  “I found out about many different jobs I didn’t know existed and it made me have a wider range of ideas for my future.  I realised I need my GCSEs as it gives me more opportunities.”

Another student, Adam Darnell, wrote:  “It was interesting meeting people with different jobs.  It made me feel more confident talking with people I don’t know…in interviews.  It made me want to do better in Maths so I can do Finance.”

Another student, Stewart Goldspink, wrote:  “I enjoyed meeting the electrician. Now I’ve applied for a course in Electrical Installation, it’s a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m no longer interested in studying sports or to be a PE teacher.”

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