Danielle Chauhan is a Product Innovation Manager for Ipsos Channel Performance in the UK and has worked for Ipsos for just over two years having previously worked in Sales for a technology start-up in London. Ipsos MORI is the world’s third largest marketing research agency in the world with the aim of providing a true understanding of society, markets and people.

Danielle has recently taken part in two virtual Career WorkOut sessions with Worktree.  Read on to find out more about her experience.

“When I was at school, I had no idea what I wanted to do nor did I have the knowledge of the types of work and roles that exist in society today. Other than the general teacher, doctor, lawyer jobs etc, I didn’t know where to look or what to search for when researching potential careers. I would have really valued having a Career WorkOut session when I was at school to hear from real people in real jobs talking about how they got there and what their day-to-day looks like. Just from joining the sessions and being a volunteer, I’m still learning about jobs I’ve never heard of from the other speakers!

“The sessions I have joined have been really enjoyable. Being able to talk about my job, what I do and how I got there makes me realise what a career journey I’ve been on in a relatively short time. Likewise, answering the students questions really makes you put your job into perspective and challenges you to pinpoint the skills you have that make you successful.

“Off the back of each session, I feel motivated and excited to get back to work. It’s so easy to get stuck into the day-to-day of your job and being able to discuss it with students and have open conversations about the working world really makes me realise what motivates me every day. Team work, innovation and collaboration are three elements of my job I enjoy the most and the session acted as a great reminder of this!

“Other than being a great opportunity to showcase all that is brilliant about Ipsos (!), it’s a really rewarding experience, answering questions from students who are about to embark on the start of their career journey. The session also helped to break through barriers of typically taboo questions like salaries and working hours which are important discussions to be had to ensure students make pragmatic decisions that are right for them”.

Worktree would like to thank Danielle for her commitment in supporting young people in their journey to their work future.  To find out more about Worktree and how to get involved, visit www.worktree.org