The opportunity to understand and explore an industry that one day may become a young person’s future is invaluable – Hannah Towns, Amazon

by | May 4, 2021 | News, Volunteer Story

Hannah Towns is an Operations Intern at Amazon and has only been in her role for 3 months.  Hannah approached Worktree a few months ago to discuss getting involved with Worktree events.  Read on to find out more about why Hannah wants to get involved.

“I came across Worktree through a post Charlotte Moyle shared on LinkedIn requesting recordings of Career Snapshots.  My site lead tagged a few of my colleagues and I in the post  and I went for it.  After doing my Career Snapshot myself and my colleagues felt like we could do more of this fantastic charity and that’s how we came in contact.

“Being in the early stages of my career myself I saw it as something I would have massively valued when I was in my teens and deciding which routes to go down. There is a wide range of career paths out there that most young people have never heard of and to give them the opportunity to understand and explore an industry that one day may become their future is invaluable.

“The Career Snapshot experience is really easy and doesn’t take very long at all – and yes you can re-record your answers if you need to! This is a great simple and free way to briefly explain what you do and answer some key questions that lots of young people ask.

“Deciding which career path to take is often very confusing and difficult and it may feel like you are deciding what you are doing for the rest of your life – it is far from that. The main thing to do when you’re young is to enjoy the subjects you take and also strengthen your skills along the way so you eventually find your way. Through research and getting involved in all sorts of areas when you are young, you will find an area that you will really enjoy and one day could call your dream job – but if that doesn’t work out it doesn’t matter, you will find something along the way. If I was to give any advice it would be to say YES to every opportunity you can as you never know what could come of it”.

Worktree look forward to working closely with Hannah and getting Amazon colleagues involved in Virtual Career WorkOut sessions.

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