There is an opportunity to pass on knowledge of your sector to the younger generation – Shaun Orchard, Papa Johns Ltd

by | Jul 19, 2022 | News, Volunteer Story

Shaun Orchard is a QCC Warehouse Operations Manager for Papa John’s Ltd and has been there for 7 months. He has taken part in Virtual Career WorkOut sessions.  Read on to find out why Shaun has volunteered with Worktree.

“I took part in a Virtual Career WorkOut session not only for my own development but to spread the word about what a fantastic pizza company does and how we can inspire young people into our line of work”.

“I was nervous at first but once the meeting started, I felt very comfortable and felt I was involved with the other members of the group.  I work for an amazing pizza company and the young people seemed to be enjoying listening to what I do within the company”.

“I felt I was a part of something iconic where the young people could associate our well-known brand as a symbol to have fun and enjoy great food and find out about my job”.

“I would recommend this for other companies as this kind of experience really puts your own desires and goals into perspective and gives you the opportunity to pass on knowledge of the sector your work in to the younger generation”

“I really enjoyed the session and I’m looking forward to the next one”.

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