There is so much power in experience – Jason Sinclair, University of Buckingham

by | Oct 21, 2019 | News, Volunteer Story

Jason Sinclair is Director of Professional Studies, Student Employability and Business/Employer Engagement and has been at the University of Buckingham for just over 3 years now. 

“I took part in my first Career WorkOut session way back in 2009, and I decided I wanted to help with young peoples journeys and aspirations because at that time I was a Recruitment Director based in Central Milton Keynes.  I could see gaps in skills and an understanding of school leavers was something I was coming across in my day job.  Also, I come from a family that believes in giving back to the community and this also was a motivator for me”.

“Career WorkOut involved me meeting a year group, in small groups for about 6-8 minutes each, and I answered the questions the students had on various things like what I did for my option subjects, where did I choose to study after school, what is University like, what jobs have I done and which was the best”.

“For me personally, it increased my desire to help young people. There was quite obviously so much they wanted to know, and every answer I gave was opening their eyes to opportunities and pathways they never knew existed. I knew I was giving information that the students were going to use to push themselves and realise that so much is possible. It made me feel more responsible about what I do and how I go about my business. Finally it also made me aware of how much power there is in experience, and in sharing our own experiences, we share some of that power in a really positive way”.

“Everyone who can, should do at least one Career WorkOut, because you are contributing to something amazing. Every single one of us has had a unique journey/story to get to where we are today, and that journey holds a wealth of information for these students. It shows them there are different options and routes to getting into careers and knowing this can make their own journey through education easier, less stressful and more controlled”.

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