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Some institutions and individual teachers and trainers are interested to develop their facilitation skills through a process of observation, assessment and certification.  Worktree is keen to spread the reach of Employability Now activities and understands this may be helped by a quality assurance process for Facilitators.

The process below enables certified facilitators to deliver Employability Now and, if stage 2 is pursued, to train others to deliver it.  See case study.


  1. A Certified Facilitator is a teacher or trainer who has completed stage 1 and been approved as competent to deliver Employability Now to a range of learners in a variety of environments. A certificate will be awarded and a Worktree Certified Facilitator badge supplied.
  2. A Master Facilitator is a Certified Facilitator who has completed stage 2 of the process and been observed by a Worktree Associate and approved as competent. A Master Facilitator certificate will be awarded and a Worktree Master Facilitator badge supplied. A Master Facilitator will be encouraged to introduce new organisations to Worktree to ensure an increase in the reach of Employability Now.
  3. A Worktree Associate is an individual approved by Worktree to deliver Employability Now sessions, deliver Facilitator Training events and lead action learning interviews with Certified and Master Facilitators, in order to increase the reach of Employability Now.

The Process

Stage 1

In order to become a Worktree Certified Facilitator a candidate must undertake the following process, which aims to develop the competence of employability Facilitator through self, peer and other observer assessment:

  • Attend a Facilitator Training course delivered by a Worktree Associate or a recognised Master Facilitator.
  • Deliver three series of five sessions, either as one whole day workshop or in parts, observed twice by different peers and once by a Master Facilitator or Worktree Associate.
  • Take part in self-assessment and observer assessment of each series, completing all necessary elements of the CLIMB assessment process (using CLIMB Self/Peer Assessment Form in Appendices). Self and observer assessment forms should be shared and co-signed immediately after each observation, and copies held by the Master Facilitator or Worktree Associate.
  • Participate in three action learning interviews facilitated by a Worktree Associate, normally 15-20 minutes, to explore ways to improve practice. This involves being asked a series of open questions and proposing one or more action points to take and report back on next time.   It can be done online.
  • Undertake a final observation by a Worktree Associate.
  • Agree to deliver the whole course to groups of learners at least three times during the course of one year, including self and observer assessments.

Stage 2

In order to progress to the status of Master Facilitator each candidate must first complete Stage 1 to become a Certified Facilitator, then:

  • Undertake observation and feedback to Facilitators delivering a series of five sessions at least three times over a period of no more than three months
  • Participate in an action learning interview following these observations, to explore ways to improve practice, at least three times over a period of three months
  • Be observed in at least one Facilitator training session by a Worktree Associate or Master Facilitator.

Stage 3

This stage is intended for those Master Facilitator who wish to become a Worktree Associate.  This status is awarded to suitable candidates at the discretion of Worktree.  There is no formal procedure.  Worktree will discuss this with suitable candidates who show an interest in progressing in this way.

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