Virtual Career WorkOut exposes young people to careers that they haven’t heard of – Armin Salvatore, Willmott Dixon Construction Limited

by | Jul 19, 2022 | News, Volunteer Story

Armin Salvatore has been a Social Value Management Trainee of Willmott Dixon Construction Limited since May 2022 and has taken part in Virtual Career WorkOut sessions.  Read on to find out why Armin has volunteered with Worktree.

“I decided to do a Worktree session in the hope of exposing young people to careers that they may have never heard of before, to inspire and motivate and share my wisdom based on my career journey so far.  It was my manager who refered me to the Worktree website”.

“The sessions I have taken part in have made me feel grateful to be in my role, where I can support so many people”.

“In such a short time by answering student questions about your job and career journey, you could inspire/start a domino effect on someone’s life to look into a career that they may never have thought of before. This itself is priceless”.

“Overall, I believe sessions like this where multiple people from different organisations/backgrounds can talk to young people about their journey is highly beneficial. Even if one student relates to you or takes one word away that you say, this could set a path in a positive direction for their career discovery”.

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