Virtual Career WorkOut launches in MK schools

by | Dec 14, 2020 | News

After several months in development, including seven trials with more than a hundred pupils across the full age range in four secondary schools, Worktree launched its new Virtual Career WorkOut sessions to all MK schools at the start of November.  By end of term in December, 150 volunteers from 90 MK companies had attended 24 sessions with approximately 400 students in five MK schools.

The format is different but the essential process – young people asking diverse workers questions about their jobs – remains the same and now lasts 30-35 minutes.  A group of 15-30 students is seated in an actual classroom, facing the camera of a laptop operated by their teacher, and the session is facilitated by a remote Worktree facilitator (using Microsoft Teams).  5-7 guests are beamed onto the whiteboard in the actual classroom with 15-30 students asking questions in pairs.  Immediately before meeting the guests, students spend 15-20 minutes sorting our new ‘Find Your Job’ cards to identify their personal Likes and/or Strengths, and find out vital labour market information.

Worktree is always pleased to welcome new volunteers – especially from diverse occupations and backgrounds, including people who don’t think they have anything ‘special’ to pass on.  Every volunteer has the potential to say something that will inspire a young person to think differently about their own future.  The sessions are interesting and fun!  Please sign up for one here.

Volunteer work guests have given very positive feedback about the new benefits of hearing the answers which other guests give to the students and connecting with them in the virtual business lounge before and after the session with the students.  Guest Jessica Milne of Thames Valley Police said:  “ was impressed at the enthusiasm of the young people. Their questions were well thought out and clear, they were interested in learning more about different careers.  Despite it being virtual I found it was well organised and allowed for some really good questions and answers to be shared”.

Students have given average scores of 8 out of 10 for ‘I enjoyed this session’ and ‘It helped me plan my future at work’.  One student said:  “The best bit was reading the cards because now I understand more about my dream job and I got to compare salaries.”

“These sessions are highly interactive and engaging,” said Jenny Lynes, Assistant Principal at Sir Herbert Leon Academy, one of the trial schools. “The new ‘Find Your Job’ cards are high quality and the live guests were friendly, thorough in their answers and inspiring.”

Worktree plans to deliver these Virtual Career WorkOut session – including ‘Find Your Job’ cards and access to Worktree’s new Career Snapshot library of worker videos – to more than 3,000 students during the remainder of this school year.

Please sign up here to record your Career Snapshot and stay tuned for opportunities to join live Virtual Career WorkOut sessions in the coming weeks and months.

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