Virtual Career Workout

Digital access to live conversations with working professionals.

Our virtual Career Workouts are just that – the opportunity for young people to access to up-to-date careers information in engaging, flexible and easy to run, online sessions.

By giving of their time, working professionals enable schools to give parents the confidence that their child has access to up to-date careers interaction.

Our sessions are also a simple way for schools to meet vital Gatsby benchmarks – the Government’s good career guidance framework – to ensure consistently positive outcomes for students.

How it Works

During these dynamic 1 hour sessions, students firstly watch and answer questions on 3 videos from our Career SnapShot library.

We then invite a group of business volunteers from our diverse pool of 2000+ professionals to join us live.

Students will then have the opportunity to ask questions in order to learn about the career experiences and journeys of the volunteers.

Our facilitator will manage and guide discussion, whilst encouraging the students.