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  • Maggie Coates, Relationship Manager, Santander – 23.9.16

    Maggie Coats, who works in FOS Strategy for Santander, managing the FOS/Bank relationship, has been in Banking 36 years. “It was a sideways move within the bank,” says Maggie. “Probably the most important skill I use is problem solving, followed by Speaking & Listening.” Maggie used to live near Hazeley Academy, and has wanted for some time to do something for the ...

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  • Sacha Hind, Programme Manager at Network Rail

    "I've volunteered at quite a few Worktree Career Workout sessions at local schools, but a couple of weeks ago I attended a session at YMCA Milton Keynes to support homeless young people seeking work. The positivity in the room was great to experience & it was clear they were serious about finding employment. It was a very rewarding hour which I ...

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  • Young people are motivating – Seema Patel, Network Rail

    Seema Patel of Network Rail attended her first Career WorkOut at Hazeley Academy last week and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “I have worked for Network Rail for 3 years as an Access & Operational Planner,” she said.  “I enjoy my job role and always proudly recommend Network Rail to my friends and family as a workplace.  I strongly believe it’s a ...

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  • Lisa Mantle, Solicitor and Commercial Property Partner at Howes Percival LLP

    Lisa Mantle, Solicitor and Commercial Property Partner at Howes Percival LLP (MK) took part in a one hour Career WorkOut as a guest at Walton High on the 31st of January 2017. “We sat in small groups of 3 students per guest. They had 7 minutes to ask questions of the guests and were given specific directions e.g. handshake, eye contact, ...

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  • It’s about giving them confidence – John Thumwood, Network Rail

    “I am a Project Manager within Capacity Planning. I have been in my current role for just over 3 years but I have been with the company for over 20 years”. “My line manager attended some sessions earlier in the year. Having spoken with him it seemed like a really interesting programme to get involved in but the main reason was ...

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  • This experience makes me feel very positive – Gary Skelton, Snozone MK

    Gary Skelton has been volunteering at Worktree’s Career WorkOut and Primary WorkOut sessions for many years now. Read on for Gary’s thoughts on this volunteering opportunity. “I am a Ski instructor (part time) at Snozone MK.  I have been working there for 3 years now”.   “I was introduced to Worktree at a Business Networking event in Milton Keynes, having not had this ...

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  • WorkOut Guest case study: Dawn Clark of Barclays

    Dawn Clark of Barclays Bank has attended several Career WorkOut events and found the hour spent with the students very rewarding and worthwhile. “The students have been keen to understand the opportunities of employment in the local area and asked very pertinent questions,” she said. “It seems that the session really helps build their confidence and starts them thinking about skills ...

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  • Career WorkOut stretches my thoughts about work – Langton Wildman, Midas Eyewear

    Langton Wildman of Midas Eyewear has been a long time supporter of Worktree and has attended over 20 Career WorkOut sessions in this academic year alone. “I am Managing Director of Midas Eyewear, established company in July 1998 and I’ve been MD for 20 years”. “I was initially approached by Alan Bullen, MD of Lynx Networks to take part.  In the case ...

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  • See how diverse the workplace is – Edward Sepke, Network Rail

    Edward Sepke has been Workplace Facilities Manager for the Central Estates at Network Rail since November 2017.Why did you decide to do a Career WorkOut session with Worktree? “I have volunteered in Worktree’s Career WorkOut sessions at The Radcliffe School, Walton High, St. Paul’s Catholic School and YMCA. How did it make you feel about young people, ...

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  • Anne Goldsmith, Behaviour First Consultancy

    Anne Goldsmith volunteered in Career WorkOut at The Hazeley Academy. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and found the students extremely interesting to talk to and also to listen to their questions,” she said.  “I can remember one student in particular who was quiet and shy and felt uncomfortable asking me any questions.  Then I asked him what he enjoyed doing at school and ...

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