Who knows what inspiration may flow – Iain Row, Prominent Media

by | Oct 21, 2019 | News, Volunteer Story

Iain Row is Managing Director of Prominent Media and has been in this role for 15 years.  

“I was known in volunteering circles, so inevitably it wasn’t long before I was asked to do this as well. I like the idea of helping students receive better careers advice than I was given (“Accountant? Lawyer?”)

Oakgrove School has been the most frequent but I have done many sessions at other Schools. We were asked all kinds of questions about our work, which was fun as there was no prep and you could be completely honest.

I was asked, “What would you like to do if you weren’t doing your current job?” and without really thinking I said, “I’d be a writer.” Strangely, the idea took root and two years later I published my first book – https://iainrow.com (while still staying 100% committed to my current job, I should add!)

Who knows what inspiration may flow from your session!”


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