Abigail Burdiak, Wills Wealth and Probate team, Shoosmiths

Abigail Burdiak, a Milton Keynes solicitor in our Wills Wealth and Probate team is a keen supporter of the Worktree ‘Work Out’ scheme and explains how she volunteered on Wednesday 8 July 2015 at St Paul’s Catholic School, Milton Keynes. “I have participated in the Worktree “Work-Out” scheme twice now and have found it, on both occasions, to be a very worthwhile, rewarding experience. The scheme effectively gives students aged 14-15 the opportunity to ‘speed-date’ a variety of people in the local community. Participants in the scheme range from high-flying business people taking a day-off from their commute into London, to charity volunteers, to Police officers to bankers and, of course (being based in Milton Keynes), lawyers. The aim of the day is to give the students an insight into the wide range of jobs that are available to them and the variety of different ways to get to where they want to be.

As a participant, you take a seat and the students move around the room in groups of two or three. The groups then have a few minutes to ask you questions about what you do, whether you enjoy it and how you got there. There is absolutely no preparation required as all you have to do is talk about yourself. The aim is not to persuade the students to take a particular career path. It is to give them a real account of what it is like to do your job, whatever that may be.

In general, the students are brilliant. In some cases, they ask some very thought-provoking questions which are a stark reminder of what it was like to be at School with such passionate ideas about the future.

Personally, I think it is a great scheme. I wish that I had been offered a similar opportunity when I was at School.’

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