You’ll feel elated afterwards – Keiron Goody, National Locums Ltd

Keiron Goody is Operations Director at National Locums Ltd, specialising in medical recruitment.

“I attended my first Worktree session at The Hazeley Academy…. And must say I really enjoyed it and hope to attend more.

“Once you have introduced yourself and explained what you do it is then down to the children to ask questions… like –  ‘how did you get into the job you do today’, ‘was it what you wanted to do when you left school’, ‘does it matter if my results aren’t as good as the person sat next to me, will that affect my work career’.

“It was a really relaxed environment and all you have to do is answer the questions honestly, give them a feel of the real world environment good and bad! All the children were very positive and engaging.

“I feel that giving our real life experiences (from all walks of life) to the next generation is really important as they don’t get this from school and most not from home aswell!

“You may think why should I go and help, well you never know you might be talking to one of your next colleagues, or that someone you inspire to go and actually chase their dream of doing what they want to do (even though they think they are not quite as talented as someone else).

“I know this sounds all cliché but having children myself and going to these schools, it is really important to get real life experiences from real people no matter what their background.

“I would urge you all to think about giving some time (1hr.. that’s all) to attend one of these sessions, as I can guarantee you will feel elated afterwards.

“We are as a business (National Locums Ltd) encouraging all of our staff to get on board with Worktree and provide these young adults with real information to help with their futures.”K

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